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Mortgage Information

The easiest way to buy a home is to have a pre-approved loan before you start looking.  This is very different from a pre-qualification letters, which merely states that you may get the loan.  You want to have the money in hand.   This not only sets your price range, but also gives you the upper-hand when it comes to striking a deal.
     Your objective as a home buyer is find the best home at most affordable price.  With a pre-approved loan, you will have a much better chance of buying the best home.  In many instances, a seller will forgo the highest offer in exchange for a buyer with an approved loan.  Why agonize through the loan application process waiting for a buyer to get approved or denied, when you have a buyer who is ready buy.
     You may want to use the Mortgage Calculator as starting point.
     On a final note, remember that lenders will give you the final loan approval only after a home appraisal.  This is in both the buyer's and the lender's best interest.

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Finding a Home

Finding a home is the easy part.  Finding a home that is just right for you is more difficult.  This includes the right neighberhood, schools, and community.
     Once we find the right place, we use our knowledge of the area to negotiate the initial offer.  There is a delicate balance between making the right offer without under- or over-pricing.  Our job is as an intermediary between the you (the buyer) and the seller.  We are here to iron-out all the details and to make sure that both parties to the transaction are completely satisfied.
     If you find a home you are interested in, or would like to have us help you find a home, please give us a call at (310) 393-5288 or start looking on-line.

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What's Your Home Worth?

We want you to sell your home quickly, efficiently, and at the best market price.   Do you know what your home is worth?  We can help you get an estimated market price on your home, before ever seeing a single agent or potential buyer. 
     Once we can arrange a meeting, we will help you get a professional appraisal on your home.  Based on your homes age, location and amenities, you will know what is your homes fair market value.  This will give you a more accurate price objective when making deal with a buyer.
     Your other alternative is to hire an appraiser for $250 to $500.  However, remember that most buyers will get an appraisal done, it's required to get a loan. 
     To find out what your home is really worth, call us or click here and leave us a note.

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Real Estate News

For the latest in what's going on in the real estate market, go to these sources.

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